Meet the beautiful Elankumaran family as they prepare to perform an exquisite Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dane) performance to a sold-out audience of almost 1000 people, with an incredible 200+ dancers on stage.

Each member of the family, true artists in every sense of the Bharatanatyam artform.

Meena Elankumaran (mum) is a certified Bharatanatyam Guru, Raj Elankumaran (dad) constructs magnificent production pieces and manages stage lighting, Satheepan Elankumaran (eldest brother) is a professional percussionist and Bharatanatyam dancer, Rukshikaa Elankumaran (sister) is an incredibly skilled Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer, and Beven Elankumaran (younger brother) is a University of Berkeley qualified professional music composer, percussionist and Bharatanatyam dancer.

They are a testament to the importance of retaining Culture within the family unit and Community. It is a wonderfully heart-warming moment when we see the kids thank their parents for all they have done.

Nadanalaya Dance Academy

The Synopsis

Bharatanatyam on Facebook

Watch the 4 minute version the the Bharatnatyam piece for ABC Art Works.

This video became an incredibly popular post on the ABC Arts Facebook page with 9100+ likes.

The "Bharatanatyam" ABC Art Works piece was produced and directed by Ravi Chand (Warrior Tribe Films owner) but is not a Warrior Tribe Films production.

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