Ravi Chand

Born in Fiji, of Indian heritage, Ravi Chand’s stories and work reflect his Indigenous Indian, Hindu and Fijian-Indian identity, Culture and Communities.

His docu-series “Five Year Grandma”, which received Screen Australia development funding, features Ravi’s breathtaking reconnection to his Culture, when he found out his maternal Grandma, who he thought had passed away decades ago was still alive and waiting for him in Fiji.

Ravi's  Five Year Grandma pitch also won the Information + Cultural Exchange, Diversity Arts Australia and Compton School “Greenlight” project.

He is the recipient of the coveted 12-month VicScreen Screen Development Internship. The producer initiative saw Ravi work full time for VicScreen, ABC TV (Children’s, Adult Scripted, Catalyst & Artworks) and Melbourne production company Sweetshop & Green.

Ravi produced and directed the “Bharatanatyam” piece for ABC Art Works program. Its Facebook video has become one of the most popular posts for the ABC Art page with 9100+ likes.

His ABC ME & iView project Namaste Yoga”, as part of the ABC ME and Screen Australia Kaleidoscope Project initiative is now available to stream on ABC iView in Australia and the Vidya Lila platform around the rest of the world. “Namaste Yoga” is about the appropriation of yoga and the impact that has on young Hindu kids and their self-worth when their Culture is appropriated, commoditised and sold back to them.

Warrior Tribe Films is dedicated to the legacy of Ravi's Grandma, which he channels through his screen work to inspire emancipation from assimilation, colonisation and patriarchy.

Warrior Tribe Films is referencing the Indigenous Tribes in India that resisted the Criminal Tribes Act (1871). Enforced by British colonisers, the Criminal Tribes Act meant even newborns of resisting Tribes were automatically classified as criminals.

The Warrior Tribe Films logo is the same tattoo Ravi and his Grandma share. It is a promise Ravi made to his Grandma that she would never be forgotten.

Ravi’s career in screen began over 15 years ago as an actor and rapidly moved into producing, screenwriting and digital content production. Creative by nature, Ravi’s acting work continued whilst also working full time as an event manager and digital content producer specialising in videography, editing, photography, graphic design, social media and digital marketing.

Ravi also has 20+ years of major event management, sponsorship, volunteer management and entertainment marketing experience, which has contributed to a unique skill-set in the screen industry fostering a number of achievements that include:

  • Selected into coveted Film Victoria Screen Development Internship Program [ read more ].

  • Selected for ABC and Screen Australia Kaleidoscope Project [ read more ].

  • Selected into the highly competitive AFTRS, Screen Australia and Film Victoria Talent Camp.

  • Web series pitch shortlisted for the Sundance YouTube New Voices Lab.

  • Selected and completed Cinespace Screenwriters Fellowship Program.

  • Speaker at Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) for "Diversity on Screen" session.

  • Selected for Documentary Australia Story Works program and fiscal sponsorship.

A powerful conversation about creating Community-Led Content on the Screen Australia Facebook page with the other creators of the ABC ME and Screen Australia Kaledioscope Projects.

Ravi's thoughts on the complexities of finding belonging and identity at the end.

Run time: 6mins.

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A collection of photos from events Ravi Chand has produced. Ravi was also responsible for sponsorship, entertainment bookings and volunteer management. 

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Event Management

A collection of  photography work from Ravi Chand. Portfolio includes food, cocktails, events, portrait, fitness and venue photography.

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Graphic Design

A collection of graphic design by Ravi Chand for Red Spice Road and Burma Lane restaurants, and Wah Wah Lounge nightclub. 

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